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Sell my beats

Where Can I Sell My Beats Online?

  Where Can I Sell My Beats Online? I’ve been asked this question a lot lately by online music producers who are just starting out and who are very confused about what websites they need to focus on in order to get more beat sales. I’ve noticed that most producers have accounts on every social…

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15 tools i use to sell beats

15 Tools I Use To Sell Beats Online

  Selling beats online consistently can be a huge task for most online music producers. It’s not easy to get music artists flooding your website when you’re first starting out. Actually, it can be a pain in the ass driving traffic to your beat selling website. But… There are some great tools that can to…

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5 Reasons You’re Not Selling Beats Online

Not selling beats online? Here’s why… Did you know that 98% of music producers fail online within the first year of launching a beats store? Do you want to be part of that 2% who succeed? I certainly hope so. Selling beats online is actually simple to do if you stay focused on the core…

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Music producer blog

5 Reasons Why Music Producers Need a Blog

  Having a blog as part of a beat selling website is very beneficial for music producers. If you don’t have a blog on your website right now, you are losing out on a whole bunch of traffic, sales, and new fans that you can build relationships with through your blog content. Remember this phrase:…

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Pricing Beats

Sell Beats Online: Pricing Your Beats

  Today we will be talking about pricing your beats and why it’s not that important to price them correctly. Ever since I started to sell beats online, I have experimented with so many different pricing options that it sometimes drove me crazy. That’s why I decided to create this post for music producers who…

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5 Tips To Sell Beats Online

  Today we’re going to give you 5 tips to sell beats online, which you can start implementing for your beat selling business today. When I first started online with my beat selling business, I tried everything imaginable to drive traffic to my website but didn’t really achieve any success. The problem was that I…

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Beat Player

Music Producers: Why Your Beat Player Sucks


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sell beats

How To Sell Beats Using Scarcity

Hey, what’s going on? This is H.R from and today we are going to talk about how to sell beats  with email and a bit of scarcity. I see a lot of producers who make the mistake of not using the element of scarcity in their emails. I’m telling you, no other producers are…

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sell beats on twitter

Sell More Beats – Double Your Twitter Traffic In 20 Minutes

A while back I started to experiment on twitter I wanted to grow my twitter fan base to sell more beats without really doing much work. I tried different things to optimize our twitter campaign so we can get the most followers with as little work as possible. In this article post we are going…

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beat sales

4 Ways to Boost Beat Sales

Are you wondering why you are not selling beats? Maybe it’s because you thought selling beats was as easy as uploading your beats on Airbit, Beatstars, SoundCloud or even your own website, and boom – you were going to make beat sales from the get go. I’m sorry to break the bad news to you,…

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