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How To Start A Beat Selling Website – The Steps To Success

  Today we are going to be talking about the 3 things you need right now to start a beat selling website It’s really important that music producers start with the basics, instead of trying to sell beats online without knowing what you need and what it takes to succeed online. I want to show…

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Music Producers – 11 Things You Should Know

If I had a time machine. I would set it for 2009. The year I started my very first music production website. I would use that time machine to send myself a letter. A list of things I would do differently. But before I slip into the time machine, I thought I’d share my list…

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Music Production Business: Top 5 Traffic Sources

Hey, what’s going on, it’s HR from, Traffic for Beats. Today we’re going to talk about traffic because I see a lot of producers, they want to get traffic, but they get overwhelmed because there’s so much traffic sources online that they don’t know which ones to choose. Today we’re going to talk about…

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Beat Selling Tips

Beat Selling Tips: How To Simplify Your Business


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How To Sell Beats On Youtube

How To Sell Beats On Youtube – Beat Selling Goldmine

  There is so much that goes into selling Beats on YouTube. From using chrome extensions, tools for keyword research, finding a niche for your beats, optimizing YouTube videos, along with so much in between. One of the key things that you must understand if you want learn how to sell beats on YouTube is…

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Selling Beats Online: Article Marketing

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