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I want to Start Making Beats

The first thing you will need is a home recording studio set up to start making beats with. We will show the basic lay out most music producers have. 

create your own beat selling website

Building a Beat Selling Website.

The second thing you will need is a website to showcase your beats. The best way to start is creating your own website.

beat selling website

Tools you need to sell beats.

The third thing is a list of online tools that will make everything work. From your beat players to your payment processors and more.

Ready to put everything to work?

Want your first 30 beat sales and start generating some profit? Get access to this FREE resource. We will teach you the 10 steps to beat selling success.  

 What DAW is best for starters?

The battle of the DAW (digital audio workstation). Which DAW is best for beginners and which ones do we use to create our beats with.

Understanding Beat Licensing

Beat licensing is the key to success for all online music producers. When artists buy beats from us, we are actually licensing our beats to them. 

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