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I’ve been able to use the information and strategies from “Traffic For Beats” to grow my beat selling business considerably! H.R. really knows what he’s talking about and doesn’t hold back with insider tips and advice. Trying to figure out all this stuff on my own would take countless hours of research and testing. Now I can spend more time making beats and creating other content, and less time worrying about coming up with a new marketing strategy.


Laman Richards

“If you want to learn how to market your beats online then Traffic for Beats is just what you need. I’ve been inside the members area for a couple months and I’m seeing my music production business grow everyday. H.R gave me everything I needed to succeed with selling beats online, but it was up to me to take action and do the work”

Laman Richards,

CNOTE HeinousBeatz

CNOTE HeinousBeatz,

“The best part about The Traffic For Beats Program is that there’s actual actionable plans I can apply to my production business right away. I learned a better way to manage my results and make improvements. Even the Facebook training was crazy helpful. I’ll continue to use the information and strongly recommend any producer who wants grow their business to check it out.”

Maurice Mukiri

Maurice Mukiri,

“Traffic For Beats enabled me to Grow my business as A Music Producer giving me a competitive advantage over other producers in Sales. How to Simplify & Manage my social sites with effective marketing Strategies E.g Facebook Ads, Twitter Auto (Tweeps)etc. If you are a producer who’s struggling to make or Increase beat sales enroll ​with Traffic For Beats Course Asap, No Regrets!”

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Monthly Membership

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