How To Sell Beats Using Scarcity

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Hey, what’s going on? This is H.R from and today we are going to talk about how to sell beats  with email and a bit of scarcity.

I see a lot of producers who make the mistake of not using the element of scarcity in their emails.

I’m telling you, no other producers are using this element and they’re losing out on tons of beat sales, because we do it and it definitely works. For example, when we have a discount on beats or a discount on any other product we are offering, we are going to send three emails to our subscribers.

Not one email, like most producers do, but three emails that will build the anticipation on the discount offer and scare them into taking action and buying beats.

Now, the first email we will send will be a thank you email that will go like this…

“Hey! Thank you for being a part of our community.

We really appreciate it that you have stuck with us and I promise we have more value coming up. So make sure you check your email tomorrow – we have a special offer just for you.”

What we are doing with this first email is building anticipation.

This is really important: do not talk about the discount offer in the first email.

This email should just focus on getting the music artist excited and in anticipation for the second email.

Now, in the second email you will be introducing the offer, for example we will offer a 30% discount on all beats on our website for only 48 hours .

Make sure you add a time limit for the discount that way they know that the sale is only for a short period of time.

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The third email we will send couple days later with the headline “Last Chance Only 4 hours left”. This is where you are going to be using the element of scarcity. The email may say…

“Hey, there are only four hours left and we brought the discount up to 40% off, so make sure you stack up on beats today. Don’t miss this because in four hours the deal is dead. Click here to get the discount.”

What this does is it will make the music artist at least think about buying the beats right at that moment, before the discount offer closes.

Believe me, this works very well for us; it’s tried and tested.

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I can’t guarantee you are going to make sales because I don’t know the quality of your offer or your beats and I can’t make that assessment, but this is a much better way to build anticipation and scare people into buying beats compared to sending the same old one email offer that most producers send out.

You have to be different in this industry.

Everybody has the same websites, everybody has the same email auto responder messages that just don’t work. This strategy will work for any product you’re selling online.

Just be different, try new things, and take action. Stop following the norm. Too many producers are searching for the easy way to sell beats and they will be searching forever! Who said building a business was easy?

We are not just selling beats, we are building a real business.

Email should be a huge part of your business and this is a quick way to get some extra sales.

So make sure you are taking action because consistency is a huge factor in your business. Be sure to be consistent in all your daily activities.

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