5 Tips To Sell Beats Online

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Today we’re going to give you 5 tips to sell beats online, which you can start implementing for your beat selling business today.

When I first started online with my beat selling business, I tried everything imaginable to drive traffic to my website but didn’t really achieve any success.

The problem was that I didn’t focus on the most important task that I needed to accomplish daily which would grow my business.

I got into a habit of trying everything that the so called beat selling “Gurus” were teaching and that’s why I was failing every month to generate the income that I was trying to make.

As soon as I started to bog down on the daily action activities that would grow my business online was when I finally started to see my revenue monthly intake double.

So today I decided to give you the 5 tips that you should focus on if you want to sell beats online daily.


1. Email Marketing

This is the #1 rule in growing an online business today.

If I could turn back time growing my email list would be the main thing I would do for my website. I missed out on thousands of dollars, because I didn’t grow my email list full of music artists from the start.

Just imagine, if you grow an email list of 5,000 to 10,000 music artists who are interested in your beats and who you’ve been providing value to and building relationships with, it will make it easier to sell beats or other products to those subscribers who already trust you.

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Remember, the key here is to give them value before selling your product.

People do not like to be sold to every single time they open an email, believe me. Make sure you provide value first and the selling will become secondary.

2. Facebook (Facebook Ads)

Facebook is one of the best places online to find music artists who are looking to buy beats.

Over 1 billion people are on Facebook each month, so if you're not on Facebook and you own a music production business, you're missing out on a huge opportunity to grow your brand.

By using Facebook advertising, you can get your product and your beats in front of the people who are interested in music, beats, instrumentals, etc.

If you're a producer who wants to dabble into Facebook advertising, we recommend first learning the Facebook ads system before creating an ad.

You should not start advertising on Facebook without knowing how the system works – you will throw away money if you do.

If you want to sell beats on Facebook here are some tips that can help you out...

1. Create a captivating headline for the ad. Ask a question with your headline.

2. Create an eye popping image. Having a great image is a huge part in the success of the ad.

3. Use the precise interest feature and find the audience you will like to target. (Music artist)

4. Test different images, text, and headlines to create the perfect ad.


3. YouTube Videos

YouTube is really simple for us music producers to upload music videos to.

All we have to do is create a video with an image and the mp3 file of the instrumentals and that's it, the video  can be uploaded to YouTube.

Some music producers miss the point here, because it's takes more than just uploading the videos to get music fans to watch your videos and eventually sell beats on YouTube.

You must optimize all your youtube videos for the charts and for the popular keywords that people use to search for on YouTube.

I see a whole lot of mistakes by music producers who have hundreds of beat making videos and instrumental videos but none of those videos are optimized for the google and YouTube charts.

Things to optimize before uploading your videos...

1. The title of the video.

2. The description of the video. Make sure you enter your Website URL at the beginning of the description.

3. Optimize the tags. For example (Eminem type beats, Lil type beat)

4. Add a call to action inside the video. **

Now you can add a call to action inside of the video that will point to your website, squeeze pages, and/or beats.

This feature is very powerful to get music artist to click on the website link or even to subscribe to your page within the video itself.

Another factor that will rank all your videos fast is to get views and likes to your video as soon as possible. This alone will make google and YouTube rank your video high due to the fact that your video is new and has social signals coming in.

If you’re just starting out and don't have a huge social media presence online to get likes and views to your video, we recommend using a service like Fiverr or if you have a budget, using a tool called tube Buddy will be everything you need to build a huge presence on YouTube and start selling more beats.

4. Twitter

Twitter is my bread and butter for driving free traffic to my beat selling website without doing much work.

I grew my twitter fan base to over 200,000 followers in less than a year and a half. I reveal the free website that I use for twitter and many more video tutorials inside the traffic for beats member's area.

Those 200,000 fans on twitter are very targeted to what I’m offering as a business which is beats, promotional services, etc.

The main problem I see some producers make is that they start on twitter and don't finish what they were building on twitter. You have to keep at it, if you want to generate that full time income selling beats online.

Just imagine having 200,000 twitter followers whom you promote your beats and products to, every single day and for free.

It's easy to sell beats with twitter but if you're not willing to put in the work to build that brand online then don't use twitter focus on paid traffic like facebook ads.

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5. Solo ads

Solo ads is the easiest and fastest way to get hundreds or even thousands of music artists listening to your beats when you’re first starting out online.

Basically, solo ads are a popular way to get your message in front of the artist. The idea of solo ads is to find someone who's a music producer and has a huge email list full of rappers, singers, and vocalists.

You then pay that music producer a portion to send out an email that you create to their list of subscribers.


This strategy works great if you're looking to build an email list full of targeted customers. Just give out a free beat and watch how easy you will grow your email list utilizing the power of solo ads.

The cool thing about solo ads is once you have an email list of maybe 2000 prospect customers then you can make money from that list by offering solo ads to other music producers.

So these were my 5 tips to sell beats online today. Make sure you use each of these strategies to grow your music production business every day, every month, and every year.

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