Sell Beats Online: Pricing Your Beats

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Today we will be talking about pricing your beats and why it’s not that important to price them correctly.

Ever since I started to sell beats online, I have experimented with so many different pricing options that it sometimes drove me crazy.

That’s why I decided to create this post for music producers who are wasting valuable time looking for the right pricing options that will convert into more beat sales.

How To Sell Beats: Leasing Beats

There’s been a lot of controversy over the years about online music producers who are pricing their lease beats for $1.99.

I’ve heard other music producers complain about the beat selling market being damaged by those producers who are selling beats for the price of a candy bar. My take on this topic is the following…

Pricing your beats is so overrated that people should not complain about music producers who sell beats for $1.99. Yeah, you could probably sell more beats by pricing them at 1.99, but you can also price your leases at $30 per beat and make the same amount of money without pricing that low and in less time.

It’s not about pricing your beats, it’s about the quality of your instrumentals.

It won’t matter if you price your beats at $1.99 or for $50, the only thing that matters is the client.

If the client loves your beats, he or she is going to buy your beats no matter what the price is and will return to buy more beats if you build a relationship with them through email.

The music producers who complain about other producers’ pricing are the same people who are not selling any beats online.

All they want to find is an excuse as to why they’re not having any success online. I sell my leases on my website for $30 but that doesn’t mean I’m going to hate on the next man who’s making a killing selling those beats for a dollar.

Make your business your priority, work on those beats, buy more sounds, perfect your craft, and you won’t have to worry about pricing.

Exclusive Beats Pricing

For exclusive beats, I recommend going high on the pricing. I usually don’t go lower than $500, but that’s me. You can sell exclusives for between $250 and $1000.

I price high on exclusives because of the hard work I put into my beats. Sometimes it will take me a week to finish a beat and I will not throw that away by giving out exclusive rights for only $100. But, like I said, that’s how I do things; you might beg to differ.

Exclusive beats is where the big money is made in terms of selling beats online.

I have had beats sell for as high as $1400 and as low as $350.


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When you get visitors asking for exclusive rights you have to be the ultimate salesman. Tell them that you have other artists prepared to buy the same beat that they’re asking for.

Use the element of scarcity to scare them into buying beats right at that moment. This is really important and why most producers fail at selling their product online.

Sometimes, you have to work a little harder to get that thousand dollar sale.

Give them a special bonus for purchasing today maybe some mixing services or music promotion services – anything to get your hands on the mullah.

There are also other licensing options that you can use for your website to further your monthly beat selling revenue, like premium leasing rights with trackouts.

This means the customer will receive every individual file that the instrumentals consist of. This option is great for music artists who want to mix and master the song they created inside a professional recording studio.

Pricing for leasing rights with trackouts should be around $40 to $150. Premium rights are very lucrative as well.

You can actually use premium rights to upsell your customers after they purchased a basic mp3 lease. Upselling your customers will double and triple your revenue in no time.

I wasted so much time when I first started out online looking for the right pricing to sell more beats. I changed every week searching for the right formula and it didn’t work.

You know why? Because I learned the hard way that it wasn’t about pricing my beats – it was about building a long term business that would grow through my email list and which focused on building relationships with those music artists on my list, just giving them the information they needed to succeed.

Stop wasting time and energy over thinking things.

Pricing your beats doesn’t have to be that complicated.

Focus most of your time trying to get music artists flooding to your website, to your beats. That’s exactly how you will sell more beats.

What got me to where I’m at now was that I focused every day on the activities that I knew were going to grow my beat selling business.

I would rinse and repeat everyday my “4 hour per day schedule and what that created was a rollover effect that grew my business tremendously in less than a year.

You can do the same for your business, but it does take work. Are you willing to put in the work?

Of course you are – that’s why you’re reading this article, because you would like to learn more about selling beats. TAKE ACTION!!



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