Music Producers – 11 Things You Should Know

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If I had a time machine. I would set it for 2009. The year I started my very first music production website.

I would use that time machine to send myself a letter.
A list of things I would do differently.

But before I slip into the time machine, I thought I’d share my list with you first…

1 – Build your subscriber list from Day

No excuses music producers. Hire someone to setup your opt-in box if needed. But whatever you do, make your email subscriber list your #1 priority.

(This was one of the biggest mistakes I made as a music producer for my business
and it’s cost me at least $20,000+ in lost sales.)

2 – Building an audience is faster and easier than ever before.

Thanks to email marketing and social media you can broadcast your message
to thousands of rappers with a single click.

Any music producers with an internet connection can now build an audience and grow their business faster than ever before. We use a service called aweber to manage our huge list of subscribers, it’s the best investment we made for our music production company so far.

3 – Spend 20% of your time learning. 80% of your time DOING.

The doing part is what grows you as a music producer and a business owner.

And what you’ll find is that the best way to learn about business is just doing it. Action trumps all.

4 – Growth ALWAYS lies OUTSIDE your comfort zone.

5 – Creating your own products is the #1 thing you can do to generate revenue in your business.

Affiliate products are great. But the bulk of your profits will come from your OWN products. Especially when you’ve built a tribe of raving fans.

6 – Stop worrying about what other people think.


The only people who are ‘liked’ by everyone are those who do nothing, say nothing, and ultimately accomplish nothing.

Find YOUR tribe of raving fans and serve them with massive value
and hot Beats.

7 – The easiest way to sell Beats is through email marketing.

In fact, it’s a major shortcut for us music producers that will allow you to build a six-figure business
WITHOUT becoming a world-class marketer.

When you email your subscribers consistently each week with fun, personalized emails packed with value – you become the trusted authority. They will happily buy from you based on the RELATIONSHIP that you’ve built with them. The value that you’ve provided.

8 – Email your subscribers 1-3 times per week.

Email is like talk radio. People will tune in each day if you educate, inspire, and entertain. This is how you build your tribe. Turning one-off visitors into RAVING fans.

9 – Don’t be afraid of paid advertising.

In fact, it’s one of the very best ways to grow your business. If I were to start all over today, I would use Facebook ads exclusively to grow my subscriber list, amplify our content, and sell our beats.

10 – Focus. This is the secret behind every successful beatmaker.

Focused blocks of uninterrupted time working on the highest-leverage tasks in your business. If you’re not currently succeeding in your business, take a close look at how you’re spending your time. Find way to simplify your music production business.

11 – And most importantly…. Enjoy the Journey!

Obviously the goal for us music producers is to generate a
profit. But if you’re not enjoying the journey – what’s the point?

Love what you do. Provide massive value. Create great beats.

Build a life and business you love!

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