How To Start A Beat Selling Website


Today we are going to be talking about the 3 things you need right now to start a beat selling website

It’s really important that music producers start with the basics, instead of trying to sell beats online without knowing what you need and what it takes to succeed online.

Here’s are the basic tools that you will need to start selling beats online.

1. You’re going to need a website

I know you might have a soundclick page or soundcloud page, but we want you to build your own brand instead of spending your time marketing other peoples websites.

This is very important, building your own beat selling website is key, you want your business to look professional and this is how you will attract more customers.

So the first thing you will need when you decide to create your own website is a domain name. The domain name is the for example.

These are really cheap maybe costing you anywhere from $6 to $15 per year. Next you’re going to need a hosting service to host your domain name which will cost you anywhere from 3 to 9 bucks per month, which is really cheap as well.

For our website we went with bluehost. This service will give you a package deal with a free domain name which works great. They also have tremendous customer service.

Now that we have the domain name and hosting ready to go, the next thing we need is a website builder and what we use is a free platform website builder called wordpress.

You can find this builder inside of your hosting account, so it’s really a plus to have the option to install wordpress inside your hosting.

Once we have that installed the next thing we will purchase is a wordpress plugin called optimize press.

This is my bread and butter for building fast and great looking websites, squeeze pages in minutes.


You don’t have to purchase optimize press if you don’t have the budget.

You can build a website with the original wordpress templates, but for me we use optimize press because it’s a full blown marketing system that lets you create websites, sales pages, squeeze pages membership sites in minutes.

Sell beats with optimize press


Now that we have the website ready to go we need to upload our beats.

2. We need a beat player

The beat player service that we recommend right now is Airbit player. This service is great for starters. They take care of all the payment processing which is a good thing and a bad thing.


That’s because we like to be in control of our sales process and not a 3rd party website like Airbit, but it’s still a great platform to sell and upload your beats with .

See our official Airbit Review Here

Once we have that set up the 3rd thing we will need is a email management service.

This is the way we are going to build our business, through email marketing.

We are going to use a service like aweber and add a sign up form to our website so we can start creating leads from the get go.

Get this done! believe me this will be the most important investment for your business.

There are many email management services out there like aweber, contant contact, get response, mailchimp, mad mimi etc.

We recommend aweber cause that’s what we use, but it’s up to you to find the one that will fit your business and your budget.

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So these are the top 3 things you need right now to create a beat selling website.

1. You need a website you need to build your brand from the start

2. You need a beat player to upload those beats and get visitors to hear them

3. You need and email management service, this is key this will grow your business every single day.


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