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4 Ways to Boost Beat Sales

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Are you wondering why you are not selling beats?

Maybe it’s because you thought selling beats was as easy as uploading your beats on Airbit, Beatstars, SoundCloud or even your own website, and boom – you were going to make beat sales from the get go.

I’m sorry to break the bad news to you, but selling beats online takes work.

And we are not just talking about a couple beats sales here and there.

We are talking about building a full- time income by selling beats online.

It can be done.

All it takes is you willing to learn about internet marketing and how you can market your beats.

If you learned how to make beats with FL Studio or another software then you can learn how to market your beats online as well.

Because at the end of the day, you may have the hottest beats online, but if you can’t drive music artists to your beats, you will not make many beat sales.

Beat Sales: 4 Ways To Get Them

1. First and foremost, stop surfing online all day, checking your stats whether it’s on Facebook , YouTube or checking your email every 5 minutes looking for that PayPal statement.


You are wasting valuable time that you can be using working on your next set of beats or creating your next auto responder set of emails.

We only have 24 hours in a day, and believe me – sometimes, it is not enough.


How To Send 1000's Of Rappers To Every Beat You Make


When I first started on my business, I was learning and grinding at the same time, waking up at 6 am and finishing my work at 10 pm.

Would you like to know my schedule now?

I wake up at 8 am, and by 12 pm, I am done with my day of work, and can spend the rest of the day with my family.

That's because I stopped checking my email every five minutes and started focusing on the activities that were going to help my business grow.

So make sure you focus on the core components of your music production business.

Grow your Email list For More Beat Sales.


If you're not growing your email list, you are not serious about creating a beat selling website that will grow every day, every month and every year.

Focus 90% of you're traffic- generating efforts into growing that email list.

If, you're generating traffic with Facebook, YouTube, Google, etc., focus on driving all that traffic to your squeeze page.

You want to do this because your subscribers will always be available to you even if Google releases and update that can wipe out your website.

You will always have those subscribers as the core engine in your business that nobody can take away from you.

Having a huge email list is what I call traffic on tap.

Imagine you having a list of over 10,000 music artists.

I will guarantee that if you provide value to those subscribers, they will eventually become customers.

So if you're not growing your email list yet, please start today.

It it will be the biggest investment for your beat- selling website.

We are using an auto responder software service called Aweber to help us manage our email subscribers.

It’s it's a very powerful tool to have for your business.

Click here to try aweber

Selling More Beats with Upsells

Many producers online today are not creating upsells, and they are losing out on a whole lot of money to be quite frank.

That's because I haven't seen a beat player that has that feature build in. I use Airbit player, which is a great service.

They take care of all the payment processing, which is cool, but I want to be in control of some of the selling as well.

So this is what I do to create an upsell. (and for those who are not sure what an upsell is, an upsell is when someone purchases a beat, and after he purchases the beat, he will be redirected to another offer before downloading the beat.)s.

Beat sales


What I do is create a quick sales page with Thrive Themes promoting a new beat.

This time, I will not use the Airbit player.

I will use a simple SoundCloud player so that the visitor can hear the beat.

What I will do next is go to PayPal and create my own PayPal button. and PayPal has a feature that you can add a redirect webpage, meaning when a customer pays, he will be redirected instantly to my upsell offer before he can download the beats.

This is where I will try to get the exclusive beat sales.

I will have another sales page that will say "Before you download your beats, here is a one- time offer on exclusives,” and give him an offer he can't resist.

This is how you triple your beat sales with these kinds of upsells, and with the Airbit player or any other online players, you can't really do these kinds of upsells and downsells because they take care of all the payment processing.

Who knows? They might be using your sales to upsell themselves.

This strategy is very powerful.

Sell More Beats With Facebook Ads


Now, I hope you have a squeeze page set up to grow that email list.

You, have your beats and some upsells ready.

Next, we are going to start driving traffic to that squeeze page using Facebook ads.

Facebook ads haves become my #1 paid traffic source online.

We've been getting new leads every day for only 35 cents per subscriber.

Once you master Facebook ads, you will not have to worry about traffic anymore because Facebook will get your ads in front of music artists for you.

This is by far the cheapest paid traffic source online today.

You must take advantage of Facebook before it starts getting expensive, just like Google AdWords did.


How To Send 1000's Of Rappers To Every Beat You Make


The great thing about this strategy is you can really build that email list up very quickly.

Then, you can scale up and make it into your own traffic machine just like we did.

We were generating 80 subscribers per day with Facebook ads, which was unbelievable for our business.

It's your job to turn those subscribers into beat sales.

But remember, this is a great way to build your business fast, but like they say, "every good thing must come to an end.

Don't make this your only traffic source.

Facebook can change tomorrow and start charging more if they wanted to.

What we basically talked about in this article are the 4 main components that you need to focus on every day for more beat sales.

Drive traffic to your squeeze page, have the offer ready for that traffic, then build relationships with your subscribers, which will help you convert those subscriber into beat sales.


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