Selling Beats Online – Is it Profitable?

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There are many music producers out there who want to monetize their creative efforts by selling beats.

They are grinding their behinds off, trying to come up with the best music, marketing plan, branding, and make a living from their music endeavors.

Indeed, it is time to learn the secrets of selling beats and eventually earn some profit.

Aspiring musicians ask plenty of questions on online forums and platforms about how they can find customers, make beats, and sell them online.

But the first question to get started would be, “is selling beats online oversaturated”?

It depends on how you perceive oversaturation.

In this context, oversaturation means that a lot of people are selling beats online.

Perhaps we can say that selling beats online is saturated.

But just as there are thousands of beats creators out there, numerous outlets require music.

These outlets include websites, commercials, training videos, YouTube videos, games, and applications.

Clearly, we can say that the demand and need for music have never been higher.

Consequently, the opportunities are quite numerous.

In this article, you will find the answer to the question, “is selling beats online profitable.” On top of that, we will also share some amazing channels to sell beats online and double your profits.

Why Should You Sell Your Beats Online?

By selling beats online, you break away from traditional barriers of the music industry and define your career in the industry.

You can get started whenever you want because you don’t have to find a manager, create a team, and consult recording companies.

The only skill set you need is an ability to create good music and a proper channel to reach clients.

If you produce high-quality music, you’re already halfway towards success.

Now, you just need to find a way to monetize your content and get paid for your skills.

Clearly, you have bills to pay, groceries to buy, and probably just want a reason to justify the time you spend on your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) instead of a 9 to 5 job.

selling beats online with placements

That’s when you can sell your beats online and earn substantial money to sustain your future.

Simply export the best material, showcase it online, approach potential clients, and sell your material throughout the world.

With time, as you start generating more business and revenue, you can spend more time doing stuff that you actually love to do.

Following your passion is the best thing to do, but what if you find a way to earn money through your talent and define your own path?

Is Selling Beats Online Profitable?

Do you know someone who can proudly say they make a six-figure salary each year by working 20 hours a week?

Well, you will find professionals in no other field than music production.

Here is an example of a record producer, Hector “HR” Ramos.

In 2011, Hector started selling beats online. By the end of that year, he was able to earn about $2000.

Surprisingly, he was earning more than $25,000 by 2014. Since then, Hector is making a full five figures every year.

Ramos is not alone in this business.

BeatStars and Airbit are two famous platforms for beat selling and have sold more than $30 million worth of beats since their time of inception.


selling beats with airbit


So, if you have decided to sell beats online, there should be nothing stopping you.

If you want to make money in this industry, you need to show some dedication.

First of all, you need to learn how to make good quality beats, if you haven’t learned so far.

After that, you should find the right platform to market your brand.

Since more and more people are joining the music industry due to the availability of offers, selling beats online is gaining more popularity.

Surely, you may have heard the top hit song by Lil Nas X, Old Town Road.



Surprisingly, Lil Nas X purchased the beats for this song from a Dutch producer called YoungKio.

YoungKio sold the beats for $30.

After the song ranked among the top charts, Universal Music Group signed the producer for their label.

Ways to Sell Beats Online

You can choose from hundreds of online platforms to sell your beats.

Simply, you can list down your options to create a marketing plan.

While selecting a platform, you must consider your goals, budget, and output. Below, we will share some remarkable methods to sell your product:

1.      Connect with Instrumental Stores

Joining beat stores gives you a platform to streamline your sales by selling beats.

This platforms contains built-in features to sell and upload your beats.

Simply register to these websites, create your profile, upload your beats, and start selling your products in minutes.

Choose different platforms, compare their subscription plans and features, and make a final decision.

See: Airbit Vs Beatstars – Who has The Upper Hand?

2.      Create a Personal Beat Selling Website

If you don’t want to connect with a platform, you can create your website.

Use this website to collect email marketing lists, contact details and share your information with the audience.

You can showcase your music on the platform and make your journey according to your rules.

However, this method takes more time and money to design the website and increase traffic.

Even so, the results would be worth the investment. Here are some benefits of creating a website:

    • Control your website, brand, and buyers’ experience.
    • Reflect your professionalism by crafting a state-of-the-art website.
    • All the profits from the website go into your pockets.
    • Don’t have to pay a commission to third-party websites.
    • The website will be dedicated to you and your music.
    • Use a search engine to boost the visibility of your website on Google.
    • Use blogs to build a solid and reliable audience. The audience help generate the leads for your website.


3.      Sell Beats Using Forums and Communities

You can rely on different forums to assist in your journey.

On these platforms, you can talk with like-minded people and discuss the challenges you face.

Apart from that, many artists compete in battles and contests to win surprising prizes.

Many people in the communities require instrumentals for their complete projects or short films.

So, you can use these platforms and brush up on your skills in different ways.

Furthermore, you can join certain communities that help you enhance your capabilities so that you can get the most out of your talent.

These communities help you with tools and techniques.

You can also post a question and gather experts’ responses for any project or tool.

Also, you can connect with people who may need your services in the future.

4.      Sell beats on Soundcloud

Even though seeking the right people on SoundCloud is not a foolproof plan, you can still earn substantial money by selling beats on this platform.

Every day, numerous artists and music fans visit Soundcloud in search of beats and audio content.

They intend to find the best beats for their upcoming song.

Post your beats and tracks on SoundCloud and communicate with other artists.

Socializing is crucial to attract potential customers and make more sales.

5.      Selling Beats with YouTube

Every month, more than 2.3 billion people use YouTube, which makes it the second most famous social media platform on the internet.

These statistics signify the importance of YouTube to promote your content.

Content creators from different genres publish their videos on YouTube.

As a result, this platform is one of the most favorable channels to sell your beats.

YouTube is a blessing in disguise for music producers.

But, because of the massive number of videos on YouTube, earning the top ranks in search results can be a bit challenging.

Let’s face the music, you’ll need to make more of an effort in the beginning if you want your channel to be recognizable and generate sales.

But, learning new techniques to effectively sell your beats on YouTube isn’t that hard.

Once you pass this phase, you can make significant profits by selling beats as well as getting views on your videos.

To engage a bigger audience and sell them beats, you need to create engaging and attractive videos and build an audience.

How about creating a music tutorial wherein you explain how to make beats and use a DAW?

If the audience finds your content interesting, they will contribute to your channel.

Over time, you will build enough of an audience to be considered a credible content creator.

That’s when you start promoting your beats and connect with interested buyers.

6.      Sell Beats on Social Media

You can find potential customers from among billions of active users on different social media platforms.

Identify and engage with rappers, songwriters, video producers, and other people who would likely purchase beats.

If your target audience is a wide array of people from popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you can out-sell your work than other beat-makers in the industry.

All you need is a foolproof strategy.

Many people make mistakes by sharing sales-y and promotional content on their accounts.

Avoid doing so.

People are tired of these promotional campaigns.

They want something engaging and interesting.

Therefore, try sharing high-quality content and grab the audiences’ attention.

Despite the quality of your beats, people will tune you out if you are consistently sharing posts that only say “Buy my beats” or “Released some new beats, check them now.”

Keep in mind that social media is not a marketplace but a place to socialize..

Sharing short videos while making beats can boost engagement.

Also, talk more about the beat-making process, the latest songs you like, and everything that you think is currently trendy.

If you talk to people without forcing anything on them, you will manage to grab their attention.

Let the audience respect your music on their own.

Once they recognize the quality of your beats, they will ask you how they can make a purchase.

That’s when you need to share with them the links to your website so they can purchase the beats from there.

How Can Beat Store Provider Help?

Beat store providers have high website traffic as they know how to promote their campaigns.

Because these websites offer the best service, buyers trust them with the beats and make a purchase from time to time.

If you are looking for an alternative to a beats store, you must create a beat selling website from scratch.

Another benefit of selling your products on a beat store is reachability.

These websites run a successful marketing campaign to increase their website traffic. That way, your high-quality content will reach potential customers without a hitch.

Beat Stores like Airbit  offer different subscription plans.


sell beats with airbit today


Choose the platform wisely based on its features, plans, and services.

You can register for a free plan, but the platform will charge you a percentage-based commission.

Therefore, it would be beneficial if you go for a subscription plan. As a result, you make all the profit from your beats.

Selling your beats online is a lucrative and obvious way to earn money.

However, you need to ensure that you are taking every step right.

Hundreds of opportunities are available for passionate beat-makers.

You just need to get started and share your beats with the world.

Hopefully, you will find the above information effective for selling your beats online.


Frequently Asked Questions


How much money can you make from selling beats online?

The beat selling industry make more than 30 to 40 million a year. Every year is growing. Beats are in high demand from movies, Tv shows, rappers, singers, vocalists, content creators and more.


Is is hard to sell beats online?

Many producers fail at generating a consistent revenue month after month at selling beats online. That’s mainly because they come in with no game plan. We producers have to treat this like a 40 hour per week job when starting out. Here’s a glimpse on my step by step game plan.


How do I sell my first beat?

Your first beat sale is an most important one. I advise you to get to work first on creating a batch of instrumentals. Next, your going to upload the beats to a marketplace like Airbit. If you’re on a budget you can just upload your beats on Youtube or Soundcloud and then sign up for Paypal. Paypal will give you a purchase link which you can then add to your Youtube or Soundcloud.


Which is better Airbit or Beatstars?

Airbit and Beatstars are both great options for music producers trying to sell beats online. They both make it easier for the music producer to upload beats and also process payments without doing much work.


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