Airbit vs Beatstars: Who has the upper hand?

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Finding the right tools to sell beats in the online world can be very tricky for a lot of music producers.

So, they rely on beat-selling platforms to share their work and make some money from it.

That being said, selling your beats on such a website does come in handy and it makes it easier for you to make a name for yourself the right way.

Both Airbit and Beatstars are great and extraordinary solutions for beatmakers that want to sell beats online and make good money.

Which one is the best? Let’s find out.

Airbit vs Beatstars


Common features

Despite the fact that we are talking about Airbit Vs Beatstars, we do have to keep in mind that they are both sharing a plethora of features.

And it’s easy to see why, they are in the same industry and they do sell the same thing.

☑ Both platforms are created using HTML5, so they look and work great on mobile and desktop alike.

Beatstars does have a better design, however Airbit is simpler and converts better in terms of sales.

☑ These platforms offer you 0% commission. So you don’t have to pay anything, the entire amount you receive for a sale can be withdrawn.

This is great because you get to avoid paying the platform, the buyer will do that for you.

☑ Beats are delivered right away to customers. Once they purchase the beat, customers will be able to access a download link.

☑ You can find both coupons and discounts available on both.

☑ Airbit and Beatstars both have email list integration.

☑ You have complete online payment and credit card solution integration for both Airbit and Beatstars.

This is important because customers find it a lot easier to purchase items at any time they want without any restrictions


selling beats with airbit

.☑ If you sell beats on these platforms, you always want to be up to date with your sales data.

Thankfully, they both have sales tracking tools. You get to see who bought your beats, how many of them, if the sales are going up and down, etc.

This really comes in handy and it makes the sales experience a whole lot more interesting and rewarding than you might imagine in the end.

☑ Airbit and Beatstars also have a co-producer feature.

This means you can collaborate with other producers and you can split the profits evenly.

You rarely get to see such a feature, so it’s nice to see that both platforms deliver such a benefit.

☑ As you can imagine, both of them also have licenses and contracts ready to go.

You get to choose the type of license you offer for every beat and you can choose a pre-made contract variant to share with the customer.



The entire process is convenient and simple, and it also delivers a whole lot of control to the customer, which is extremely convenient and helpful at the same time.

☑ You receive social integration with both Airbit and Beatstars.

As a result, people that like your beats can share them on sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on.

It’s easier to generate sales when you acquire more exposure, and that really helps a lot

☑. An interesting benefit is that you receive instant payments.

There’s no waiting time for Airbit and Beatstars.

Instead you can withdraw what you earned without a problem. T

his really is very helpful if you rely on this to pay your bills.

It’s a very good idea and opportunity, something that you do need to keep in mind as much as possible.

Airbit benefits

Aside from these features, every platform has its own share of benefits.

Airbit in particular has a very good player and it’s a platform known for delivering a very good conversion rate.

It’s also important to note that once you learn how to sell beats online Airbit will be able to assist you.

The transaction process is very smooth here, you have quick payments too.

Plus, you have the opportunity to embed the beats on your website if you want. You can upload vocal tags too, which might help you get more exposure and increased sales.



Beatstars benefits

Why would you choose Beatstars instead of Airbit for your beat selling website?

The main thing to consider here is that the player design is more appealing and the Pro pages seem a lot better done, which is very important.

But the crucial benefit with Beatstars is that you can monetize the SoundCloud streams and Youtube views.

You rarely get the opportunity to do that, but you can do it here and it certainly helps you.

When you sell beats you do want to have immediate access to all the tools and features you can, and in this case you totally get to have that without any issue or challenge.



Beatstars Vs Airbit:  Who Wins?


Both Beatstars and Airbit are very reliable, easy to use, they have astonishing features and the design is really good too.

You will like how professional both platforms are, they both deliver the beats to customers in an instant.

But when it comes to which one is the best, you just have to figure out what you like the most.

I’ve tried both in the past and I liked Airbit better do to the fast loading players and the higher conversion rate on sales.


selling beats with airbit


Beatstars definitely has the more professional interface and they also make it easy for you to monetize the SoundCloud streams.

On the other hand, Airbit has some amazing conversion rates and it does bring in front a stellar attention to detail and impressive value as a whole.

Buying is also faster and easier on this platform.

In the end it’s up to you to figure out what features are more important for selling beats online.

One thing is certain, both platforms are reliable, durable and they do deliver astonishing results all the time.

Plus, the fact that both of them have a 0% fee means you can sell your beats quickly and get paid without having to worry about additional charges.

Good Luck in making your choice between Airbit vs Beatstars!


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to sell beats on Airbit Compared to Beatstars?

The cost of selling beats on Airbit Vs Beatstars is basically the same. Membership to these platforms start at only $10 per month.

Does Airbit or Beatstars take a percentage of your profits?

If you pay for the monthly membership they will not take a percentage of your beats sales, but they will keep at least 20% of all earnings made through the YouTube Content ID system.

How do I get Started on Airbit?

Sign up to Airbit and create your account, Follow the instructions to set up your account. Upload your tracks and add your tags. Start promoting your beats.

How do I get Paid on Airbit or Beatstars when a Beat is Sold?

Once a beat is sold you will get paid instantly via Paypal or Stripe.

is selling beats online profitable?

YES! Selling beats is profitable but you have to treat it like a real business. Be consistent and don’t give up. Building a beat selling business that is profitable takes time, hard work and dedication.


Visit Airbit here for more info

Visit Beatstars here for more info


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