How To Sell Beats Using ClickFunnels

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Many online music producers online are looking for how to sell beats with Clickfunnels information.

But what is Clickfunnels?

Does it really work for selling beats online?

And how can music producers take advantage of this beat selling strategy?

First, before I give you my honest review about Funnels and beat selling, I must admit that Clickfunnels is a bit expensive, starting at $97 per month.

However, it does have some amazing features, so if you build the funnels correctly, you will get that money back in no time.

Clickfunnels is a software created by Russell Brunson. Its main focus is on building funnels to sell products.

A funnel is a journey the buyer goes through once he or she purchases the initial product.


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The difference between selling beats though a regular beat store compared to using funnels is that, when a customer purchases through a funnel, they will be taken to another page promoting another product.

This is called “upselling”.

Using upsells will give you a better shot at making more beats sales.

Beat stores like Airbit and Beatstars do not offer upsell capability.

Therefore, a funnel can help you double and sometimes triple your beat sales if your funnels are built correctly.

How to sell beats with Clickfunnels?

There are a few things music producers should know before using this beat selling strategy.

Using funnels to sell beats can be profitable if you do it correctly and if you’re consistent.

If you can’t afford Clickfunnels’ $97 per month cost now, I advise you to keep hustling until you feel comfortable paying the monthly fee.

This strategy will not work for music producers who just want to build funnels as fast as possible. Taking your time building beat-selling funnels can change the way you sell beats forever.

Don’t cancel your Beatstars or Airbit accounts yet.

And, if you own your own beat selling website, don’t close it down!!

What’s The Best Strategy to Sell beats with funnels?

Selling beats with funnels is different from selling beats with Airbit or Beatstars.

That’s why I recommend using both strategies.

With this strategy, you will learn how to sell beats with funnels through packaging them up instead of just the basic leases that you sell through Airbit or Beatstars.


You can provide more value with the beat packs up front, then give them offers they can’t refuse in the back end.

For example: You may have a beat pack of 10 beats for $19.95 with some additional bonus added to them.

Remember, give them an offer they can’t refuse from the jump.

Once they purchase that offer, they will be taken to a page where you have another offer waiting for them.

This is called an “upsell”.


how to sell beats with funnels


The great thing about learning how to sell beats with Funnels is that you can have multiple upsells inside your funnel.

Having multiple products can help you double or triple your sales.

If you have mixing and mastering services, promotion services, or another beat pack, you can add these to your upsells or downsells.

Also, the buyer doesn’t need to add their credit card info again on the upsell pages.

All they have to do is click the button and the credit card will be charged automatically.

This is easy to build inside of Clickfunnels.

They have over 30 templates ready for you to customize.

Email Marketing With Clickfunnels.

They say the money is in the list and you can build your email list directly with Clickfunnels.

This is one of the features that I loved most when I got my hands on CF.

I created my follow up emails for every opt-in page that I created with ease. I’ve used other email service providers before, but I loved that I had all the feature without ever having to leave the dashboard.

And if you use Aweber, Mailchimp, and more you can still integrate those with Clickfunnels with ease.

Want to build your own Membership area?

Do you have multiple beat packs and want to bundle them together inside a membership? Well, you can do that inside of Clickfunnels’ membership feature.

Your beat packs or services will be locked up in a members-only access area. You can also continue adding content to your membership and charge a subscription fee for new members.

This platform is no joke!

How do I Drive Traffic to my Funnels?


I’m not going to get that deep into traffic on this post but since this is the main issue most music producers have in terms of selling beats online, I will give you some ideas.

There’s two ways you can generate traffic: paid traffic or free traffic.

First, free traffic will take music producers much longer to sell beats using Funnels.

If you stay consistent creating content that google can rank, then free traffic is a great way to build your business.

But it does take some time to build free traffic.

I know most music producers who want to sell beats online want that fast traffic.

If you want fast traffic, I recommend paying for it.

That way you know if your offer will convert into sales or not.

Once you know your traffic converts into sales, that’s where you scale up your music production business and BLOW UP!!

Facebook and Instagram are great ways to drive massive amounts of traffic to your funnel.

I always recommend learning the platforms before using them.

You don’t want to lose money from the get-go.

If you need more traffic for your beats, I have training here.

Google AdWords, YouTube, and Twitter are also platforms where you can generate paid and free traffic.

My tip is to be consistent in whatever traffic strategy you use.

Focus on a core strategy, master it, and then scale up your music production business.

Driving traffic to your funnels is the key to success when learning how to sell beats with funnels.

Does selling beats using Funnels work?

If you’re serious about growing your music production business and you’re not just another music producer who’s looking for the next hit-and-run strategy, then the how to sell beats with Funnels strategy can work for you.

If you want to consistently sell beats using Funnels, you must master the platform and be in it for the long haul.

Yes! You can double your beat sales using funnels, but only if you act now and follow funnel building strategies.

This is by no means a new way of selling beats online, but it’s definitely a strategy you can add to your beat-selling arsenal.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you really sell beats with funnels?

Absolutely. Selling beats using funnels is different from selling beats with Airbit or Beatstars but you can definitely make more income if you add the funnel strategy to your beat selling arsenal.

How Much Does Clickfunnels cost compared to Get Response?

Clickfunnels starts at $97 per month for the less expensive version and $297 per month for the full package. Get Response is more affordable starting at $15 per month but with not that many funnel features.

Is Selling Beats With Funnels The Future?

No. Funnels have been used by online marketers for many years and are a great way to sell products online but the beat selling industry is different from any other online industry. Recording Artists will always want a specific beat or instrumental and not always a beat pack that everyone has.

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