How To Sell Beats On Facebook

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Today I want to talk about Facebook ads and how to sell beats on facebook utilizing one of the best paid traffic sources online today.

Facebook is a powerful website to market your beat selling website on. For one, it’s still the cheapest paid traffic source online today compared to Google Adwords, buying ad space on websites to solo ads.

But many producers are getting it wrong.

I see it every single day when I log into Facebook.

Most music producers are looking to sell beats through Facebook and that’s a huge mistake.

Facebook is a social media website, people go on Facebook to socialize, people don’t go on Facebook to buy a product.

Yea u might get lucky one day and hit a home run on Facebook, sell a beat on Facebook, but chances are your conversion rate will decrease over time.

I’ve heard it many times. Facebook doesn’t work. I tried it out, but didn’t sell any beats, then they go on looking for the next hit and run strategy.

That’s why most producers fail, they’re still looking for the magic beat-selling formula and don’t stick to the script.


The strategy we always recommend when doing Facebook ads is give away something for free.

Grab the email, build the relationship and then do the selling.

It’s simple as 1, 2, 3 and it works.

Why do you think so many marketers scream “the money is in the list” because it’s true.

The problem with us producers is we want the sales now without building the foundation of the business and email will be the foundation of the music production business like it or not.

I generate 30 to 40 leads per day with Facebook on a 20 buck per day budget.

I run a Facebook ad for 10 days. I keep it simple. I do this every month and it grows my business on autopilot.

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beat selling on facebook

There’s so many targeting options that you can use on Facebook that you can’t really find nowhere else.

You got custom audiences where you can add a code to your website and target your website visitors which will decrease your ad spent.

You have lookalike audiences, you can even target your email list with a Facebook ad.

But like I said earlier many producers are not doing this.

I’m just here to show you want working for me. I don’t want to run your business, but if I can help you in anyway get your focus on what you need to do to grow your business. I will do it.

I was the same way when I started my beat selling website. I never wanted to grow my email list and it was one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made online that cost’s me thousands of dollars.

Doing Facebook ads, the right way is the key to the growth of your business.

If you master Facebook ads, you don’t have to worry about traffic anymore.

All you have to do is set your budget create converting ads and leave them running while you’re making more music.

Retargeting is the cream of the crop on Facebook.

Let’s say we created an ad that is giving away a free instrumental. Facebook gives us the option to add a tracking code on that signup page.

What this code will do is create a custom audience for you of people who already visited your website.

What makes this so powerful is that you can create another ad that targets that audience that Facebook helped build for you.

You can promote your beat selling website directly to this audience and will have a better chance of converting them into sales or leads.

Remember, they’ve been to your website and they already know it’s legit.


selling beats with facebook


Selling beats directly on Facebook is a gamble that most producers can’t afford.

Use Facebook to build the foundation, then it’s your job to communicate with the subscriber.

That’s how you can use the Facebook ads platform to start the conversation.

Another important thing you should do when using Facebook’s ads to promote your music production business is test the ads with different images, different headlines and different opt-in pages.

You want to see which ad performs best and Facebook makes it real simple to find out which ad is your top performance ad.

Those additional ads that are not performing you can pause those ads with a click of a button.

If you’re going to do Facebook paid advertising you can’t go in blindfolded or you will lose some serious cash.


You will have to learn how to sell beats on Facebook mastering their advertising platform.

I’ve received tons of emails from producers who quit doing Facebook after one ad and that’s because they didn’t let the ad run.

Here’s a quick tip for those who hate to wait for results.

On the first day or two of running a Facebook ad, you are going to see your cost way up and that’s natural, so don’t be alarmed.

facebook sell beats

If you don’t see the cost go down after 3 to 4 days, then you pause that ad.

Just don’t be so quick to pull the trigger and pause it after 1 day because the Facebook algorithm takes some time searching for the right audience for you.

You can build your entire beats-selling business with just Facebook ads, the days of posting on your fan page and getting free traffic to your website are almost done with.

Facebook has forced us advertisers to pay to reach our own audience who’ve we spent money building.

Basically, you have to pay to play and I don’t blame them. They’re running a business just like us.

You can build a business with just Facebook, but we recommend using other forms of traffic.  Facebook can change and shut everything down and your traffic will be gone forever.

So use other platforms like Twitter, YouTube, solo ads and media buying.

I started using Twitter a year and a half ago and I managed to build a fan base to over 200,000 targeted followers.

Twitter is my number 1 social media website that sends referral traffic to my beats, my opt-in pages, my sales pages, and the best part about its free traffic.

I love me some twitter and I always recommend it to producers coming up.

Keep growing it.

Most music producers are looking for sales today, but building a successful beat selling business online is a marathon. Learning how to sell beats on Facebook is a step in the right direction.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can you really sell beats with Facebook?

Yes. Facebook is a great place to build leads and sales via the Facebook ads platform. Just like any other advertising platform you must learn before you spend money on ads.


How much can you sell your beats for?

You can start selling your beat leases from $15 to $200 depending on your license structure. Exclusive beats can start from $250 to $5000 for online websites.


Can you make a full time income selling beats online?

Yes, you can make a full time income selling beats online if you put in the work and master the craft. It’s all up to you and your determination to be successful with your online music production business.


How much money can you make from selling beats?

The beat selling industry generates at least 40 million dollars per year. Selling beats online is all about scaling your business one sale at a time


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