How to Sell Beats With Paypal

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Today I want to talk about to sell beats with Paypal.

At least 95% of music producers who are trying to sell beats online depend on services like Airbit and Beatstars to take care of all the payment processing.

This is a plus and can definitely put your beat selling website on autopilot, but there are also some shortcomings to using these services.

One of the main shortcomings with the services mentioned above is that you can’t offer another product after checkout to clients who just purchased a beat from you.

This is called an “upsell,” and it’s the best way to double your beat sales.

For example: Let’s say you have a new beat that you have coming out and you would like to add an upsell after someone purchases the beat.

Maybe you could promote a music promotion service or the exclusive rights to the instrumentals they just purchased.

There are endless ways to upsell to a client.

Many producers are not creating upsells because they don’t have the information and the tools needed to create one.

This is a simple strategy that you can add to your music production business that will have you selling more beats without changing anything.

You can keep using Airbit or Beatstars as the main payment processor, and then you can create a sales funnel with the upsells separately, using Paypal.

Here’s how to sell beats with Paypal

The first thing we will do is create a sales page that will be promoting one of our latest beat packs.

Below is an image of the page we will use.

how to sell beats with Paypal

As you can see, we switched our Airbit player with a regular Soundcloud player and added a Paypal button below the player.

We created this simple page using WordPress in conjunction with Thrive Themes.

Once a visitor lands on the page we created with Thrive Themes and clicks on the buy now button, he or she will be redirected to Paypal for payment.

Once the payment is complete, Paypal has an option that you can use that will redirect the client back to your website.


This is where you’re going to create a confirmation/thank you page, which we will use to promote one of our other products.

Remember, the client just finished purchasing a beat from you and chances are they still have their credit card beside them.

It’s our duty as a business to take advantage of these opportunities and hit them up with an offer they can’t refuse.

Below is an image of the thank you page we’re using as our upsell.

selling beats with Paypal

It reads: “Wait! Would you like to promote your music to over 200,000 fans?

Get 30 days of promotion to over 200,000 fans for only $30.”

As I said earlier, you can use any type of service or beats as an upsell.

The goal here is to give the client more products related to what they just bought. Either they take the new offer or just say no.

What do you have to lose? Nothing.

Using the upsell formula with Paypal is a great way to get more sales.

Every solid business uses upsells to sell more products.

Have you ever been to to buy hosting or any other products they offer?

They have like 10 different products related to what you’re buying as an upsell and most of the products they recommend are actually worthless.

They do a really good job at convincing people that those products will help them out.

After I started implementing these types of sales funnels for my music production business, I started to double my profits.

I made it a habit to use Paypal twice a month to sell beats on my own, without using Airbit, Beatstars, or any other third party tool.

Those tools are great and don’t stop using them, but make sure you create your own Paypal upsell funnels and test them out.

Creating them takes a little work, but if you’re a serious music producer who’s willing to take the necessary steps to build a profitable beat selling business online, then this will be a piece a cake for you.

I see it every day — most beatmakers want to sell more beats but are not willing to put in the work it takes to succeed.

They are using the same old strategies that simply just don’t work any more.

Selling beats with upsells using Paypal on your own is simple and will always work.

Don’t let third party tools control your whole business.

Yeah, it’s great that they can take care of all the payment processing for you, but create other ways to be more in control of your product.

So if anything ever happens to these third party websites, you always have something ready to fall back on.

If you want a more in-depth video tutorial on how to sell beats with Paypal and how to set everything up from start to finish, click here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you sell beats with Paypal?

Yes. Paypal along with Stripe are the top payment processors for online beat sellers today. Use Paypal together with Airbit and you will have a system that will pay you out automatically without ever having to lift a finger.


How do I legally sell my beats?

You will need a license agreement contract to go out to the buyer once a beat is purchased. The great thing about Airbit is that they have pre written license agreements set up for you automatically. This will help the legal aspect of the collaboration.


Does Paypal take a cut from sales?

Yes. Paypal will take 2.9% plus a .30 cents fee of each payment you receive. Stripe and Paypal both have the similar amount of fees per transaction.


Should I use a personal or business account on Paypal?

I recommend setting a Paypal business account for your beat selling business. We are building a business and we have to act like one from day one. There’s plenty of benefits for using a Paypal business account.

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