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There is so much that goes into selling Beats on YouTube.

From using chrome extensions, tools for keyword research, finding a niche for your beats, optimizing YouTube videos, along with so much in between.

One of the key things that you must understand if you want learn how to sell beats on YouTube is the workings of the YouTube algorithm.

Selling Beats Through Youtube

Ultimately, selling your beats through YouTube means that you need to have sufficient views on your channel.

Apart from just views, you also need to have good engagement on your videos in the form of likes, shares, and comments.

YouTube is likely to recommend a video that has good engagement because its algorithm recognizes it as important.

Hence, increasing your chances of selling beats by YouTube means that firstly, you need to draw traffic towards your videos, and there are several ways you can do that.

Optimizing Your Channel with the Help of Keywords

Keyword research is one of the best ways you can optimize your beat videos.

Researching for keywords primarily means using tools that point you towards the most searched beat-related keywords on the search engine, whether it is YouTube or Google.

The keyword that you choose to optimize your videos does not have to be generic, but also specific to the types of beats that you generally produce.

For example, if your niche includes making beats that are especially (Drake-type) or (21 Savage type), then you can benefit from including this keyword in the title.

You can find many tools that will tell which artist is trending in your specific region in regards to beats.


how to sell beats on Youtube 2


Nevertheless, keep in mind that trends work based on interests, so if the artist you are covering is not trending today does not mean that you are doomed and have to re-work all your current beats.

Moreover, trends also tend to change depending on your location and this makes it entirely possible to attract an audience from another part of the world.

Your keyword research will reveal to you a list of the trending keywords within your niche of beats.

You can then look up all keywords that you can use according to your views and your content.

Using Type Beats To Sell Beats On Youtube

When we take up the example of using (Drake-type beats) as a keyword, then you must keep in mind that someone who has about 50 Drake-type beats will always have an edge over someone who just has two or three.

YouTube will always favor the artist or composer that has a good quantity of relevant content on their channel, as opposed to someone that doesn’t.

Many people will agree that YouTube’s algorithm works in mysterious ways.

However, If YouTube finds out that a user listened to your beat, they are most likely to keep suggesting more of your work to them.



This is a very common and evident functionality of the algorithm.

Alternatively, if a user listens to your beat and you happen to not have other material, then the algorithm will suggest other content from competitors in the same niche.

This is why, uploading good quantity, as well as quality, will only work in your favor and put you at better odds than someone with lesser content.

Thumbnails are Important

Thumbnails are incredibly important for driving traffic to your YouTube videos.

Many times you may be doing everything right in terms of optimization, and the algorithm will be ranking your videos to viewers, but you still do not get a successful click ratio.

This means that even though YouTube is ranking your videos to relevant users, they are not tempted to click and view them.

This is where thumbnails come into play and make the difference.

A thumbnail is a powerful tool that you can use to build intrigue and interest in the user.

Hence, if you have a certain thumbnail that has worked in the past, you can base all your other thumbnails relative to the one that has already worked before.


Another thing that matters in terms of YouTube ranking your video is relevancy.

When it comes to beats, potential clients and producers are mostly looking towards content that is fresh, and not outdated.

Making sure that you have content of the latest year and most of your videos have the “new” tag can also increase your chances of contacting a potential buyer.

YouTube will constantly give new content a boost in the search results and thus, make sure that you have fresh new content always, even if it means that you have to re-upload some of the similar beats.


how to sell beats on Yoube


However, this does not mean that you constantly keep on uploading.

Music producers make the mistake of putting an abundance of content continuously.

This can be problematic for YouTube’s algorithm because you are not giving it the chance to rotate your content around the interface.

In other words, uploading a huge amount of content is not just overwhelming for the algorithm but also for the viewers.

Titles and Descriptions

If you really want to learn how to sell beats on Youtube, then optimizing your titles and descriptions will help you get your beats to a wider audience.

Once you are done with extensive keyword research, you must use the keyword in the title, description, and tags.

YouTube will optimize and rank your video according to relevancy and so, it identifies the target keywords that are the most relevant.

Therefore, you need to be specific on all facets of your content if you want optimization of the highest quality.

Apart from adding the targeted keywords into the title, another thing you can do to make it more successful is to add words that are compelling to the average viewer.

how to sell beats on Youtube 2

Words such as “free” or “unreal” build curiosity amongst the users, and so you can capitalize on that by including it into your beat video.

Another thing that you can do when formulating a title is add something specific to your beat that makes it special.

This aspect of the title will be something personal to the beat that you think sets it apart from most other content.

For example, the duration that it took you to make the beat, or maybe another video link attached to the beat.

The description should also revolve around the keyword.

The more keywords you use in your description, the better YouTube will rank your video.

However, this does not mean that you have to make your description monotonous, instead, you can use a partial alternative of the keyword and produce similar results.

How To Sell Beats On Youtube With Ads

Another thing that you can use to your advantage is YouTube ads.

Creating a Youtube Video Ad campaign for your beats that targets your competitors audience can be immense in driving traffic to your beat videos and website.

Using Google Adwords, and similar tools, you can play a few seconds of your top beats before a viewer launches a competitor’s website.

[Tweet “Creating a Youtube Video Ad campaign for your beats that targets your competitors audience can be immense in driving traffic to your beat videos and website.”]

Learning how to placement target your YouTube videos can be the difference for your channel, and something that potentially lands you your first sell.

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google, so tons of people go to YouTube and search for video content, especially beats.

Do You Need Youtube To Sell Beats Online?

There is a consensus between music producers that you need to be big on YouTube if you want to successfully sell your beats.

Even though attracting traffic on YouTube puts you at greater odds, there are still other online platforms where you can try your shot at getting a placement or a sale.

Platforms such as Beatstars, Spotify, and Soundcloud are viable options with a significant amount of users.

Similarly, you can also use email marketing to your advantage.

Emails help you build a strong customer relationship that can ultimately benefit you more than spreading your reach to many customers.

Emailing directly to customers is different from drawing viewer and subscriber traffic.

Sending out an Email marketing campaign to people can be a very effective strategy that is core to some producers with a successful portfolio.

Having a quick response rate for clients and being a friendly and marketable producer can ultimately land you a couple of sales through email.

Moreover, you can also use Instagram for placements, because it is a great source for networking, which is the biggest aspect for placements.

How to make selling beats on Youtube easier

If you feel that doing multiple researches over keywords and resorting to countless software systems for optimization is overburdening, than Tubebuddy is a one-stop solution tool that you can use to optimize your YouTube channel.

Can Tubebuddy really help you learn how to sell beats on Youtube?

Tubebuddy helps you improve your existing channel quite significantly and help you save time.

A browser plugin can make your channel optimization process less dreadful and more efficient.


how to sell beats on Youtube 2


As a music producer, Tubebuddy can help you find the most trending keyword related to beats, and this can open you to possible niches that have a good chance of doing well.

This tool gives you live ratings on how well you integrate the target keywords on your content.

More importantly, the ratings align exactly with YouTube’s standards, giving you the perfect analysis of your optimization.

Common Mistakes that Music Producers Make

Many music producers get into the YouTube music scene without any regards for optimization.

Their attempts of being unique keep them from strictly following YouTube’s algorithm, and this can cost them in subscribers and likes.

YouTube’s algorithm is a self-functioning entity, and it does not recognize any function apart from its program.

Adhering to it is the only way a new producer can succeed on YouTube.

You not only have to upload quality material, but spend some time and money on its marketability and optimization to attain significant traffic.

Finding out how to sell beats on Youtube can be time consuming. Music producers have to be consistent when uploading and optimizing their videos. Plan and make a schedule of your uploading.

This will show the Youtube algorithm that your channel is serious and they will begin to show your videos to your targeted fan base.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can you make money posting beats on YouTube?

Yes you can. There are multiple ways that music producers can make money on Youtube. Music producers can earn money via streams using a content id system. They can also make money selling beats on Youtube and also by joining the Youtube partner program and use ads on videos to generate extra profits.


How do you sell beats on Youtube?

First you need to create a Youtube channel and upload your beats consistently. You will have to optimize your Youtube channel and also all the videos you upload to Youtube for keywords like “Drake Type Beats”. Once you do that you can add your website link or purchase link in the description of the video.


How often should I post beats on YouTube?

If you really want to learn how to sell beats on Youtube, then posting beats on a regular basis in the key to your success. I recommend posting between 1 to 3 beats per week if you can. Once your consistent with your uploads this will help your page against the Youtube algorithm.


How can I sell my beats?

Having your own website is a great way to start. Once you have that in place then you need to generate rappers and singers to your website. You can use platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Google and Twitter for traffic.


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