How To Sell Beats With Google Ads – 5 Easy Steps

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If you are a music producer, you might have thought about selling your beats online.

Finding a music company to collaborate through conventional ways can be a tricky option and time-consuming if you’re a new producer.

With Google AdWords, however, you now have more opportunities than ever to learn how to sell beats with Google ads.

You can use an array of tools, such as eCommerce sites, websites, beat marketplaces, email, and social media – but which route should you dedicate your time to?

What are Google Ads?

Google Adwords is Google’s pay-per-click platform, which enables businesses to achieve visibility across different Google properties.

The most common type of Google Ad is the search ad, which pops up on the search engine results page for searches relevant to your services or products.

Google ads are centered on keywords or AdWords, which people are most likely to use when looking for a specific service or product.

When a customer enters a Google query, the search engine will check if any marketers are bidding on AdWords related to that search.

If there are, Google will push the ads to the search engine results page.


how to sell beats google ads

How To Sell Beats With Google Ads

As a music producer, using Google AdWords to sell your beats will drive the right people to your music store at the right time.

Bidding on broad keyword search terms like “rap beats for sale” will show your ad to the target audience earlier in the research process and allow you to capture a wider audience.

On the other hand, using specific keywords like “R&B Beats” will help you target a specific group of people and filter out the rest.

One of the top reasons why Google AdWords is a better search engine marketing strategy than SEO is because it allows you to focus on multiple keywords at a time, and your ads that appear on the top of the page receive immediate visibility.

Other benefits of using Google AdWords to sell your beats include:

  •         Pushes your service to the top of the Google search results
  •         Brings in a highly targeted audience thanks to specific keywords
  •         Less competitive within the producer community as compared to Instagram and Facebook ads.
  •         This can give your beats store more visibility with less work.

Although using Google AdWords to sell your beats can be a very lucrative strategy, knowing how to use it correctly will make all the difference in driving sales.

Thankfully, we have cracked the code and are here to make the process easier for you.

How to set up a Landing Page for your Beat Store?

A landing page is a standalone web page where visitors “land” on after clicking through from an ad, email, or any other digital location.

Make sure to keep the landing page of your beats store simple and easy to navigate so that potential customers can take the required action – submit a query, call your number, or place a request for some free beats.

Avoid cluttering the site with too many links and stick to adding only relevant sales pages for other products such as beat packs, mixing and mastering services, etc.

Always leave a subscription box on the landing page where people can sign up to your email list for free beats and other news related to your beats store.

It is always best to put important information at the top of the page for maximum visibility.

Doing so will prevent customers from hunting the information that they primarily seek.


beat selling website


Nowadays, nobody has the time to scroll up and down a webpage for information, so be sure to make those first few seconds count.

In addition to your landing page, ensure the rest of your website is also optimized.

You can make your website look professional and reliable with an eye-catching template and a little effort.

WordPress offers a selection of free templates that you can use to catch your audience’s attention.

Ensure that your beat selling website showcases an audio player with your beats, a summary of your brand and/or yourself, and an email signup form.

As for the rest of the site, you can create a sales page where people can purchase your beats.

Another option is to sell using music platforms like Airbit, Beatstars, and Soundee.

How to Target Specific Keywords?

Once a solid landing page is ready, the next step is to target the right keywords that will show your ads to the right customers.

Your keywords should align with the terms your target audience would use to search for your service.

For this, you will need to put yourself in your target audience’s shoes and come up with keywords they are most likely to search for.

Select more specific keywords directly related to beats, as that will ensure that your ad appears for terms that apply to your business.

Go for keywords that have a buying intent, such as “rap beats for sale,” “best hip hop beats discount,” “buy beats online,” and other similar words.

Remember that your customers may be using different terms for your service, so always list variations in your Google Ad keywords.

These might include synonyms (such as beats and music), the genre of the beats (for example, reggae or hip hop), and both singular and plural versions (for example, beats and beat).

You can even consider listing common misspellings to have a wider reach.

You can also select more general keywords like “hip hop beats” and “Best R&B beats” to reach a wider audience.

However, you should use only a few generic keywords since your ad could pop up for searches unrelated to your beats store.

Furthermore, generic keywords can be more competitive, so you might get lost in the crowd.

If you’ve hit a stump coming up with new keywords, you can always use tools like Google Keyword Planner.

All you need to do is submit a keyword related to beats and pick the relevant options from the results.

Use the initial ideas provided by the tool to generate even more specific keywords.

If you are dealing with many keywords, you can create separate campaigns based on a few specific keywords related to your beats.

After choosing your keywords, assessing them and monitoring the results is important.


sell beats with placements


There are often trending keywords that your competitors might be using.

Once you know which keywords work best for your beats store, use them in blog posts, metatags, social media posts, YouTube video descriptions, and your website.

The more keywords you utilize within your content, the more visible it will become to target customers.

While you should make the most out of keywords, do not overstuff them into the content, or else it can sound robotic and unpleasant.

How to Price your Beats for Google AdWords?

The key to standing out among competitors is to price your beats right.

Your service must be more valuable than the cost but not too cheap that it looks suspicious.

The best place to start is between $30 and $100.

If you keep your price between $5 and $10, you will have a hard time making a profit from your Google Ads.

The rule of thumb is to stay around the average – if you charge too little, you risk devaluing your beats and losing customers’ confidence

On the other hand, if you value them too high, make sure your beats are worth the price tag.

For exclusive and custom-made beats, you can raise the price bar high depending on your time and effort.

As your beats grow in popularity, you can start charging more for licenses.

A good rule of thumb is to keep testing your prices to see which numbers yield the best results.

You might be surprised to see what value your customers are placing on your beats. Keep tweaking the prices until you find the right range.

Be Prepared to Lose Money at First

Like any business, developing your store’s online presence through Google AdWords will take time.

We are not here to tell you that the first beat you produce will get discovered by Jay Z, and you will become the next world-famous rap producer.

So you need to set the right mindset and expectations to not get discouraged in the long run.

Selling beats online with Google Ads will require a lot of thought, effort, and marketing.

It is not a quick ticket to becoming filthy rich but rather a competitive field that can sometimes be frustrating.

The first few weeks (perhaps even months) will be all about trial and error and finding the right balance of Google ads.

You need to be patient and prepared to lose some money.

The $100 you put in will not magically become $1000, so be patient and smart with your techniques.

Start slowly and build up audience; soon enough, you will start making money from selling your beats through Google AdWords.

And who knows? You might even become a world-famous music artist someday, so hang in there.

Why Google Search Ads is the Best Way to Go?

With over 2 trillion searches per year, it is no surprise that Google is the most popular search engine.

Among those searches are people looking for different products, services, and solutions.

If you can utilize Google AdWords to your advantage, it will give you a competitive edge.

You can use these keywords on any social media platform you like, especially YouTube, which is a hub for creative content.

Let’s look at the 5 five reasons why Google Ads can be the best investment you make for selling your beats online.


Enhanced Visibility

If your target audience fails to find your music, no matter how creative and high-quality, they will not buy from your beats store.

Google AdWords provides you with a powerful marketing platform where you can quickly climb to the top of the search engine results page, provided that you use the right keywords.

This allows you to tap into a huge potential target audience, building brand awareness.


beat selling


Easy to Understand

Even if you are not super savvy in technology, you can still understand and execute a Google Ads campaign.

This is one of the main reasons why even big companies are employing this strategy since it requires minimal resources but offers tremendous results.

With a little training on how to sell beats with Google ads and some knowledge of marketing, anyone can use Google Ads to promote their beat selling business and receive overwhelming results.

Another advantage is that Google ad words are easier to control, meaning you can upscale your campaign immediately, provided that you have the right budget.


Easy to Control Advertising Expenditure

Unlike conventional marketing techniques, Google AdWords allows you to minimize wasteful expenditure by giving you complete control of your budget.

You can use specific keywords for your beats store, assign the desired number of bids, and establish daily expense limits. Moreover, you only have to pay when someone clicks on your ad.

This way, the money spent will only be utilized for activities that mean the most to you.

Higher Rate of Conversions

So now you know the power of Google AdWords’ reach.

But what matters even more is the number of conversions.

Using specific keywords can lead to twice as many conversions on paid traffic as compared to organic traffic.

If you have an attractive landing page with precise information about your beats, you can easily become one of the top-ranking pages.


Learning how to sell beats beats with Google Ads can bring along a host of benefits.

However, ensure you take each step carefully and build a solid foundation for your online store.

There are hundreds of keyword-generating tools that you can use to select the most optimum AdWords.

The bottom line is to get started and learn as you go along.

With the abovementioned tips, you will have a better direction of how to sell beats with Google Ads.


Frequently Asked Questions


Do Google Ads work for musicians?

Google ads is one of the best marketing tools on the planet. It’s effective because not only can musicians advertise on the Google search engine, they can also learn how to sell beats on Youtube inside the Adwords dashboard.


What is the best way to sell beats?

The best way to sell beats is to focus on the core activities of your business. Find out what works first. If you sell one beat that means you can sell 1000 beats. Stick to email marketing, paid advertising, social media and branding.


How profitable is selling beats online?

The beat selling industry generates from 25 to 40 million dollars per year and it’s only getting bigger. Tv shows, movies, games, podcast, recording artists are all looking for beats every single day.


What is the best website to sell beats?

Your own website is the best way to sell beats online. You have 3rd party websites like Airbit, Beatstars and Soundee that make the set up process easier, but you can’t control 100% of those tools like you can with your own website.



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