FL Studio Review – Is It Really Worth The Hype?

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Most people wonder whether FL Studio is the most suitable Digital Audio Workstation for them that will tick all of the boxes.

If you are one of these people, the good news for you is that you have come to the right place!

If you are looking to make awesome music, then the FL Studio is exactly what you need!

Read on for a comprehensive review of the FL Studio that will let you know whether you should opt for this software for your music requirements.

Why are so many Music Producers using FL Studio?


It is true that many professional music producers make use of FL Studio to create and fine-tune their quality music.

One of the many reasons up and coming music producers prefer this daw to any of its alternatives is that it provides you a free of cost trial for a lifetime.

This will be particularly advantageous to you if you are a music producer on a budget and want to learn first before investing in FL Studio.

In this free trial, you can utilize all the plugins, VSTs samples, plugins, and the signature bundle effects without paying a dime!

Furthermore, why most music producers think FL Studio is better than the majority of the Digital Audio Workstations is because it has a very visual and user-friendly interface and a number of features that are incredibly easy to use.


Fl studio Review


Creating your music is a very efficient and straightforward process when you use the FLS.

What’s more, Fruity loops is fully compatible with almost all of the Mac and Android devices.

This feature is useful for those music producers who wish to work on their music on the go!

We will look into more of the benefits of this music platform later in this article.

What Is FL Studio?


FL Studio (the latest version) is an all-encompassing DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) or a software music production environment.

It represents more than a staggering 17 inventive developments and features everything you could possibly require in a single package.

You can leverage these features to arrange, compose, edit, record, master, and mix quality professional music.

You would be interested to know that this is one of the most popular DAW’s in the world today and most creative artists use it.

Now that we have looked at the basic definition, let us explore under the hood of this amazing music software platform!


Is FL Studio 20 worth buying?

Yes, having FL Studio 20 with the best plugins is key. FL Studio is one of the best software programs on the market even without having all the well known plugins like Omnisphere or even Waves. These are a bit pricey but are the top plugins for FL Studio

Want to know about this music software’s standout features?

The following are some of the most impressive features

✔ Step Sequencer

The step sequencer is one of the most useful features when you start with FL Studio.

The majority of this program’s users will be able to recognize the step sequencer feature as one of the main tools within this Digital Audio Workstation.

The step sequencer operates like a ‘beat-grid,’ enabling you to place any sample or sound on the grid.

You can also trigger it as part of the sequence.

The grid length can be as long as 64 steps or as short as 2 steps.

You can also double-click the samples in the window of the step sequencer to open the attack, decay, sustain, and release (ADSR) functionality of any particular sample.

That enables using reversing, time-stretching, pitch shift and several other fascinating effects and features that you can access from within the step sequencer.


✔ Advanced Capabilities of MIDI Music Production

The loop-creation tools are extremely flexible and allow you to beat-slice, time-stretch, edit, and chop mix your audio very easily.


fl studio daw


It includes up to 8 distinct effects that you can add to any audio track you want.

These varied effects can go a long way to fuel your inspiration and feature Distortion, Delay, Filtering, EQ, Phasing, Reverb, Chorus, Flanging, and Vocoding.

You can also utilize the software in the capacity of a beatmaker or a drum machine.

You may also access drum samples in combination with other top quality instrumentals like lead synths and transistor bass.

With the FL Studio, you will also get swift access to certain mastering tools such as multiband, limiting/compression, and parametric Equalizer.


✔ Multiple Arrangements

This happens to be a splendid feature that the version 20 supports.

You will have the flexibility to switch between various arrangements.

Are you uncertain whether you should begin with keys or drums?

Not to worry!

You can try both to see which one suits you best.

In addition, you may add new empty arrangements, merge arrangements, and clone current ones.


✔ Consolidating Tracks

The consolidating tracks feature of FL Studio will surely save your system’s CPU when you work with several plugins.

All you have to is simply click on a certain track and then tap on “Consolidate – From Song Start.”

That will deliver the said track as audio bounces on your music playlist.

In addition, this is ideal as well for your creative workflow.

Once you have consolidated your track, you can toss the audio file into Edison or a sampler and carry on sound designing.

Finally, when you consolidate, it can be a great means to “locking down” your audio tracks.

Every music producer worth his or her salt is aware that it is very easy to keep adjusting and revisiting elements of your track as you listen to it.

The consolidation will assist you in finalizing your overall work.

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FL Studio Producer Edition vs. FL Studio Signature Bundle


The FL Studio producer edition and the FL studio Signature Bundle are 2 of the most common and popular FL Studio editions.

Sometimes it can be quite challenging to decide between the two!

The former costs 199 dollars, while the latter edition will set you back by 299 dollars.

It is important that you know which one you should opt for.

Generally speaking, for most of the folks who are starting out, FL Studio Producer Edition will most likely be adequate.

Unless you have a special requirement for performing vocal tuning, require a time manipulating plugin, want to work with video, or need specialized guitar effects, the Producer Version features all the fundamental tools you need to create quality music.

FL studio Signature Bundle, on the other hand, has everything that the producer edition has, plus a number of additional advanced plugins.

These plugins allow you to do a whole lot more with your music.

Some of these plugins include:

  • Video Player 2: This particular plugin can be very important for you if you plan to do any kind of music scoring for short films, commercials, and so forth.
  • Gross Beat: This is a great volume and time manipulating plugin that you can use to “clean up” your music.

Overall, the FL studio Signature Bundle might be a good option for you if you want to squeeze more juice out of your music software.




You can also download either edition at any time, anywhere, and on any device you want.

Regardless of which edition you opt for, you can rest assured that you will get round the clock personalized support from FL Studio’s technical team.

Another great thing is that if you decide to start out with the FL Studio’s Producer Edition, you can use the signature bundle anytime you want.

All you have to do is pay the additional cost of the signature edition, and you can avail its features.

There is no need for you to buy its advanced plugins separately as that would cost you a fortune compared to just upgrading to the Signature bundle.

Check out FL Studio Signature Bundle Here

Is FL Studio Good for Beginners?

Most novices who wish to kick start their music journey or their beat selling website have this important question in mind.

If you are a beginner yourself, you should know that FL Studio is a great choice for you for multiple reasons.

FL Studio has a very easy to use interface that you can navigate effortlessly.

There is no need to flip through pages and pages of the user manual to know how certain features work!

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Furthermore, FL Studio has a host of various features (such as those mentioned above) that can get any beginner started to compose their music.

You can also easily add plugins in your FL studio version and utilize user-friendly sections such as Transport and Snap.

In addition, if you get stuck anywhere or run into a certain problem, you can always reach out to their technical team.

Their representatives will be more than happy to help you out with anything you need.

If you’re in need of more hands on 1 o 1 FL studio Training check these tutorials.

Now let us explore some of the many advantages and disadvantages of the FL Studio music platform.

Pros and Cons of FL Studio



The following are some of the many plus points of FL Studio that make it one of the best music software applications for your home recording studio available in the market.

Very Intuitive Interface

Compared to other music production programs, FL Studio has a far more customizable and intuitive interface, which is incredibly easy to use.

You can resize and detach all of its windows to expedite your workflow and make the tools you are using simpler to access within the interface.

You do not have to go through the inconvenience of searching around for certain buttons or functions.

Piano Roll Feature is Great

FL Studio’s Piano Roll feature is a huge benefit for anyone who uses this platform for sampling.

The majority of the Digital Audio Workstations lack this particular feature.

It enables you to play different samples in distinct notes almost instantly.

You do this by pitching samples down by key.

That is very helpful to those folks who are not very skilled in sampling but want to give it a shot!

Free Lifetime Updates

One of the best things about FLS is that you will get lifetime updates when you buy it.

What’s more, you will receive all of these updates completely free of cost!

These updates help tremendously to bolster the performance of the music software.



On the flip side, this music software has certain drawbacks as well that you need to be privy to in this FL Studio review.

  • Some users have complained that they have faced driver issues in the ASIO performance of FL Studio.
  • When it comes to automation, FL Studio is considerably sluggish in contrast to other Digital Audio Workstations like Ableton.
  • Although FL Studio does include automation features, they are not as good as its competitors.

Keep in mind that these cons are not very significant and should not deter anyone from buying the FL studio.


The Final Verdict

So is purchasing the FL Studio the right decision for you?

There is no doubt that the FLS is rightfully among the reputed leaders of the Digital Audio Workstation organization.

It is true that its beginnings have some challenges that you need to overcome.

However, a new fresh feel and look, updated plugins suite, and an economical pricing plan have assisted it in reclaiming a secure spot in the top 5 most famous DAWs for professionals and beginners.

Overall, FL Studio is an effective single-stop solution for anyone who wants to deep dive into the domain of music recording and production.

Just ensure that you do your due diligence first and consider the important features of all the FL Studio editions.

That will allow you to select the one that best caters to your music needs.

One thing is certain- if you are looking to hop on the music creation bandwagon, then there cannot be a safer bet for you than the FL Studio.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is FL Studio worth buying?

Yes! The FL Studio music production software is one of the easiest Digital Audio Interfaces to learn compared to Ableton, Reason or Pro Tools. It’s also a much affordable solution for the up and coming music producer.

Do Professionals Use FL Studio? 

Absolutely! Top music industry producers like Metro Boomin, Hit Boy, Mike Will Made It, DJ Mustard, and Boi-Ida have made hits using FL Studio.

Is FL Studio better than Ableton? 

FL Studio is the clear winner here. Ableton has some incredible features and it’s a great software but FL Studio is more user friendly and it’s more affordable.

How much Ram do I need for FL Studio?

FL Studio works on Windows 7/8/10 (32-bit or 64-bit versions). I recommend 2 GB of free disk space and 4 GB of RAM.


FL Studio Review

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