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FL Studio – Is It Worth The Hype?


A Review of FL Studio – Is It Worth The Hype?

There are a lot of people that want to learn how to make beats, and get into the music business.

Unfortunately, not everyone can master all the elements that some of the masters used to create their blistering hits.

That is, until now.

There’s a lot of software that is getting pushed around the internet, and it all promises you the glory of creating music from scratch, taking samples and much more.

It’s easy to find these things, but which ones are worth the hype and which ones aren’t that grand?

That’s the hard part to decipher. It’s for that reason that this review of FL Studio was compiled.

With this, you will see whether or not FL Studio is in fact worth the hype it’s been getting around the music world.

If you haven’t heard of this software, then check out the following breakdown.

What Is FL Studio?

Simply put, this is a software choice that is often referred to as a DAW.

This stands for digital audio workstation.

Some people in the industry refer to this software was “Fruity Loops”, and it’s an audio software that can help you record, mix, master, and publish music.

It’s one of the crucial components that you need to have in place if you’re going to make hip hop or any type of electronic music.

Whether you want organic sounds or you want to loop samples, this converts your computer into a complete mixer overall.

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The Feature List

When you decide whether or not purchase FL Studio, you’re no doubt going to want to know what features are in the mix.

Some platforms just give you bare bones options, which can work, but if you want something a bit more compelling, then you will definitely want to look at the list of features that are getting a lot of buzz today.

The following are just some of the most prominent features overall.

Easy To Use Interface – if you have ever used any sort of music studio software, then this one will come easy to you. It’s been designed to look like a large multi-channel mixer, only this is all digital.

Fl studio









Multi- Touch – want to mix several sounds at once? Well you can do so with ease. You can extend elements in a mix simultaneously, and use several sounds at once.

Channel Settings – the latest update features an all new robust channel settings and menu mixer. Whether you want to work with multiple channels, or one at a time, you can separate, edit, and mix everything with these options.

You don’t have to deal with pop ups, or anything that you may have in the past, the settings and menu have all be integrated into the main interface.

Playlist Editing – for those that are using several different audio files at once, you can easily now drag and drop them into the mixer.

You can create playlists for a party, or you can edit on the fly, it’s up to you.

Interchangeable Step Sequences – if you’re using piano rolls, you can easily interchange them with step sequences. This is an upgrade to the latest edition of Fruity Loops.

Plugins – perhaps one of the best features that you will find here is in regards to the plugins that abound.

This software has a lot of plugins that you can focus on, and utilize.

Fruity loops plugins









Whether you want to get a unique sound, or you have a mod in mind, there’s a lot to explore in this regards.

The above features are just some of the new updates that have come through with FL Studio today.

If you download and use this overall, you will find that compared to the other releases, this is definitely the most intuitive overall.

Support and Questions

One of the issues that people have with music mixing, and learning how to work with digital means it hat there usually isn’t any support.

If you spend a great deal of money on a program, you’re often times left on your own.

You’ll need to take classes or purchase a FL studio course like this one and figure out how to move every piece of the proverbial puzzle.

That’s not the case here, as you will find that there is full support, and manuals that you can get to help you pull through the latest aspects of this DAW.

Trial and Demo

Don’t want to buy the software? Don’t worry, you can get the trial and demo version to allow you to see what the hype is all about.

In fact, you could very well create your biggest hit within a few minutes if you just test the waters with the trial solution.

You’re going to find that this is a simple, intuitive solution for produces, and it can rival some of the more expensive options that are out there.

If you go ahead and purchase this option, you will get lifetime updates and so much more.

Is FL Studio Worth The Price?

Discussing the cost of software is always tough, because people usually run at the sound of pricing that may be a bit much.

In the case of producing beats, and making sure that your audio sounds amazing, you’ll need to spend a bit.

In this case, you can get an entry level of this software for as little as $99.

That’s right, under $100 gets you FL Studio, and you can get started.

Now, if you’re serious about music, and you want to get the professional grade option with all the bells and whistles, you’ll find that the cost rises upwards to $400.

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This includes plugins, audio recording features, FL, VST elements, and of course lifetime updates.

To answer the question of whether or not it’s worthwhile, the short answer is in fact yes.

It’s a stellar program that has a lot of tools that you can use right away.

Whether you’re recording a track, mixing, or you want to test the waters as a DJ, this is something that helps anyone get into the game.

Furthermore, it’s cost effective.

You’ll find that FL Studio is far less than other comparable options, and better yet, you don’t need to have an expensive computer to run it.

Simply put, this is a simple software to get you moving forward in creating the best beats possible.

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