The 4 Best Websites To Sell Beats On

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Are you a new music producer looking to find the best websites to sell beats on?

If so, the internet has many options music producers can choose from when selecting the right website to help you begin selling beats online.

As a experienced beatmaker, it might be easy to make beats on a daily basis, but can you get your beats in the eyes and ears of music artists who are looking to buy beats?

This is exactly where most producers fail.

They have their beats ready to go, but they use a website like SoundCloud as their way of selling beats online.

That’s not a knock on SoundCloud; however, you want music artists to see you’re serious about your craft and using free websites like SoundCloud devalues your product.

So, what are the best websites to sell beats on?


Best Websites To Sell Beats On..


1 Create Your Own Website

create your own beat selling websiteFor those music producers who are just starting out, this option can’t be considered an online website, due to the fact that it hasn’t been created yet.

However, having your own online beat selling website is a must if want to sell more beats.

As a beatmaker, you need your own online virtual real estate.

You don’t want to always rely on 3rd party websites like Airbit or Beatstars to hold you down.

Creating a beat selling website is not that complicated. You’re going to need three basic things.

  1. Domain name
  2. Hosting.

This is simple, your domain name is your and your hosting is where that domain resides online.

You can get your hosting and domain name at WPX Hosting

I won’t provide details about creating a beat selling website in this article but if you want to check out my video on how to create a website in under 30 minutes. Click Here

  1. Beatplayer.

Websites that offer great beatplayers include Airbit and Beatstars.

That’s all you need to start creating your music producer website.

It doesn’t have to be fancy.

You can start small then add more features once you start getting more sales.

2. Airbit

beats website to sell beats onIf you don’t want to go through the hassle of building your own beats store, which most new music producers don’t, then Airbit is one of the best websites to sell beats on.

Even if you’re building your own website you will need a beat player and Airbit is one, if not the best online.

Easily upload your beats to their service, connect your Paypal, and get sales instantly without manually sending beats out.

Choose from cool html players, create discounts, and add your license agreements so your customers can get them automatically.

There are great features inside Airbit, but remember, it’s your job to bring in the customers.

You’ll be competing with thousands of producers to make sales.

For example: If I’m paying for traffic and I send all that traffic to my Airbit profile, now I’m competing with hundreds of other producers who are one click away.

Airbit doesn’t give me many options that will make the prospective customer stay on my beat page.

That’s why I recommend you create a beat selling website and add your Airbit player there.

That way you have many opportunities to offer different products and services to the visitor.

3. Soundclick

beats website to sell beatsBack in the day, Soundclick was one of the best websites to sell beats online.

Don’t get me wrong, Soundclick is still going strong, but it has fallen from the top of the beat selling game.

Soundclick still gets a lot of targeted traffic.

Music artists still visit Soundclick in search of beats and instrumentals.

They offer V.I.P. access for music producers at $9.99 per month which is a good deal.

You can also buy ad space to get more artists listening to your latest instrumentals.

Just like Airbit, you will be in competition with thousands of other music producers for sales.

There are literally too many music producers on Soundclick, but it’s still a great way to generate traffic to your beats.

4. BeatStars

top websites to sell beatsBeatstars is another great website to beat sell beats websites online.

Industry super producers like Illmind, Focus, and Havoc even promote

They also released an update to their beatplayer that was straight up sick.

Top music producers from Airbit made the change to Beatstars once that player was released.

But while I admit the player looks sick, I’m still sticking to the Airbit player for now.

They basically offer the same things at the same price. It is up to you if you would like to start off with a 3rd party website or create your own.

It’s a very important decision to make for your music production business.

Are you willing to create your own website that can benefit you for the long haul?

Or do you want to use other people’s platforms to get the ball rolling?

There are pros and cons to both.

Creating your own website takes some work learning how to set everything up.

However, you won’t have to go through all the steps by yourself because I created a video on website training for you here

If you choose to use a 3rd party website to sell your beats online, make sure you don’t make it your permanent option.

Once you start making sales, start creating your own website in the background then prepare to launch it to the clients you already have.

Doing so will make your music production business look serious and professional.

Don’t be afraid to take risks. Sometimes you will make money and sometimes you will lose money.

It’s all about learning and creating new strategies.

Consider these Four Website options The best websites to sell your beats on. Pick one and get your butt to work. Let’s GO!!

Catch you on the next one, producer! Good luck!


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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I legally sell my beats?

Music producers should always protect there beats with license contract agreements. There are two forms of license options. Non exclusive license agreements vs exclusive  agreements. These are the two main licenses that all music producers selling beats online should use.


Can you sell beats on Soundcloud?

While you can showcase your beats on Soundcloud and redirect your Soundcloud visitors to your website, you can’t directly sell your beats on the platform unless you use a Paypal or Stripe checkout link that redirects the visitor to payment.


is Airbit free to use?

Yes. Airbit offers a free plan with limitations on how many beats you can upload and they will take a percentage of the sales on a free account. If you’re looking to use a beats store for your business make sure you read the information when choosing a free plan.


Can you make money on Beatstars?

Yes. Beatstars is one of the most popular beat selling websites on the market today. Music producers can showcase their beats, sell them and don’t have to worry about payment processing. Beatstars will take care of that.

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