15 tools i use to sell beats

15 Tools I Use To Sell Beats Online

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Selling beats online consistently can be a huge task for most online music producers.

It’s not easy to get music artists flooding your website when you’re first starting out.

Actually, it can be a pain in the ass driving traffic to your beat selling website.

But… There are some great tools that can to help you get more traffic.

And, for those who don’t have a beat selling website yet, there are also tools that can help you create one fast.

Today, I will be revealing the top 15 tools that I use to consistently sell beats online every single month.

These are the tools I use to build and run my beat selling business, from my email management service provider, beat players, blog post tools, and website creation tools to social media traffic generating tools.

All the tools needed to blow up this year 🙂


Tools to Create Your Own Beat Selling Website

WordPress – If you own a website, then you must have heard of WordPress. WordPress is the best website builder online today and the best part about it is that it’s FREE. We use WordPress in conjunction with optimize press to build beat selling websites in minutes – and you can too!

Bluehost – If you’re going to create a beat selling website, you will need a hosting service for that website. Bluehost is a cheap, affordable hosting company that will fit your needs.In addition, the WordPress site builder is already inside the bluehost panel.

Optimize press – This is my favorite tool for creating quick websites, opt in pages, membership sites, sales pages, and more. Use this plugin along with WordPress and it will make it really simple to create sales pages for your beats in a hurry without paying thousands to a website designer.

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Airbit – This is the best service for uploading and selling your beats on autopilot. They do all the transactions for you and have added tons of new features that are really great. All you have to do is upload your beats and copy the html code of the beat player to your website and you’re ready to sell beats.

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Tools to Sell Beats With Email

Aweber - By far the most important tool that I use to promote my beats, product, and services is Aweber. This should be the first step you take for your business if you want to sell beats online at a consistent rate. Start building that email list from day 1 and use a service like Aweber to manage your list of email subscribers.

Content Upgrade Pro: Are you using your blog to sell beats? If so, this WordPress plugin is a must have to add new music artists to your email list using pop up/opt in forms throughout your blog post. This is like a mini version of leadpages but without the high cost of the $37 per month fee. Try it out; it's well worth the small investment.

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Sell beats with email


Tools for Testing and Tracking

Google Analytics - Get a deep insight into your website visitors using google analytics. You can - and should - find out where your traffic is coming from, what pages they are clicking on, and how long they are staying on your website. You can also set up website conversions with google analytics.

If you're doing paid advertising using Facebook, banner ads, solo ads, or google adwords you will have to track all that traffic to see which one is bringing the most sales and subscribers. It also provides additional data that is hard to track using google analytics.

Social Media Tools I Use to Sell More Beats

Bufferapp - Do you spend most of your day on social media trying to sell your beats? I don't and it's because I use this app to send my tweets, Facebook updates, Google plus, and LinkedIn posts on autopilot.

Pre-schedule all your updates for a week. It only takes a couple minutes a day and, believe me, you won't have to worry about spending most of your time on social media.

Click to Tweet - If you're creating great content on your blog, having click to tweet boxes throughout the articles is a great way to get the visitors to retweet specific quotes from your article.

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Post Planner - Want to promote your beats everywhere on Facebook? Then post planner is the tool to get the job done for you. Schedule posts for your pages and groups. It's like having a Facebook marketing team behind your music production business.


There are a lot more tools that I use to sell beats online. These are just the top 15 that I use every single day for my business.

If you're still afraid of investing in your business, how do you think you will succeed? These tools and services will make your life as a music production business owner easier and were made to help you succeed.

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If you would like to add any other tools you use to the list, please add them to the comment section below. Thanks